Team Member: Noah Lipsyc, Lead Software Developer

What is your go-to when someone asks for a podcast recommendation?

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. Dan Carlin is a journalist by training and a passionate student of history. He has an amazing knack for weaving epic multi-hour stories around the people and forces that contribute to world history. Plus, his voice sounds like warm apple cider.

What developing future technology are you most excited about?

Star Trek style post-scarcity (so I guess unlimited free energy? You can write your own fantasy about how that happens).  I'm sure we will come up with things I can't even dream of at the moment when all people are freed from the burden of worrying about food, water, and rent.

Is there a skill or hobby that you are interested in but have never picked up?

I'd love to learn to fly a plane.  I worked for a while as a flight attendant, and even though it happened many times a day, seeing the ground fall away under me never stopped amazing me.

Noah in flight attendant's uniform sitting on a jet engine intake section
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