Team Member: Kate Stericker, Marketing Assistant

What's your go-to book recommendation? Why?

My favourite book is Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg. Most people are familiar with the 1991 Kathy Bates movie but don’t realize that the story changed significantly during the adaptation process. In the original novel, Idgie and Ruth are explicitly presented as a couple, and their courtship is one of the sweetest and most tender queer love stories I’ve read. Between this fantastic #ownvoices representation and the novel’s epistolary elements, quirky plot details, and skillful merging of past and present, Fried Green Tomatoes is always a reliable recommendation.

What are your favourite things to do in your free time? Is there a skill or hobby that you are interested in but have never tried?

The hobby I enjoy most is probably knitting--I first picked it up to keep myself busy during a long winter co-op in Calgary and enjoyed it so much that I started the UW Charity Knitting Club a few terms later.

Me (fourth from the right) with my knitting club, showing off the blanket we've just finished

In addition to knitting, I’m a huge fan of reading, and I also take night classes in American Sign Language at Conestoga College. Between those activities and my schoolwork, I tend to stay pretty busy, but I can see myself branching out in the future. In particular, I’d like to learn more about sewing and embroidery.

What's your favourite element of your job at Terrene?

I’ve done previous terms with start-ups and I’ve worked on marketing teams before, but I don’t have a background in artificial intelligence. As a result, this job gives me the opportunity to learn about a fascinating new industry without straying too far out of my area of expertise. Because the marketing strategies I’ve practiced in the past are still effective in this context, I can confidently contribute to the team even as I continue discovering new things about machine learning every day. I find this balance very rewarding.

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