Team Member: Kash Pourdeilami, Co-Founder & CTO

What's your favourite thing to do in your free time?

I somewhat closely follow a bunch of different soccer leagues and spend a good chunk of my free time arguing with random strangers on the internet about the tactics, lineups, etc. of the matches. In the summer when it is warmer outside, instead of arguing with random strangers on the internet, I go outside and play soccer, which is a little bit more enjoyable.

What developing future technology are you most excited about?

There was an article I was reading about how a bunch of people were altering the human body’s own defensive mechanisms to stop cancer and I thought that was pretty cool. It would be great if there was an easy fix if I got cancer one day.

What past achievement are you proudest of?

A few years ago, I spent a whole afternoon struggling to get a few different javascript libraries to work with Angular 1 to automatically resize textareas. Nothing was working and I finally gave up using libraries and came up with an alternative way that did it in three lines. It was nothing significant, but at the time it seemed like a really elegant solution and made me really satisfied with myself. I posted the solution to Stackoverflow and got 9 upvotes which, while again not significant, is the highest amount of upvotes I have received on there!