Team Member: Francois Le Roux, Co-Founder & CEO

What is your go-to book recommendation?

Anything Brandon Sanderson has written. Usually I go on a tirade for about 30 minutes about the Stormlight Archive series. This author has completely changed reading for me, and he releases books like a machine, earning him the nickname ‘sandersonbot.’ If you ever want to read an epic fantasy novel that immerses you in a whole new world while giving you a new appreciation and sharpened focus on your own, then Stormlight Archive is the series for you.

What developing future technology are you most excited about?

I think saying I'm excited for the future of machine learning tech is kind of cheating and might sound too much like sales. Instead I'll say I'm irrationally excited at the concept of a 'star in a jar' or fusion energy. The changes and advancements that we would see from such a spectacular feat would be equivalent to discovering fire again. I'm aware that I'm just one of the latest excited people in a chain of people that have been excited about the premise of fusion energy since its discovery. I do, however, believe that we are close to some unique breakthroughs which might make it a reality within our lifetimes.

What's your favourite element of your job at Terrene?

For me, it's the fact that every day I have new puzzles to solve. Whether it’s human interaction puzzles, financial puzzles, tech puzzles, or market puzzles, it's all exciting, and ever single day I get to deal with a new mix of them. The best days (usually in hindsight) are the days where the challenges are coming in at a mile a minute and we have to adjust on the fly. Getting to work on my feet and having to stay on my toes is why I love this job so much.

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