Welcome to the Terrene blog. This is where me (Cameron) and my co-founders Francois and Kash will be documenting the story of Terrene. Over the next few weeks, we will begin sharing stories of our successes and failures as a company, the lessons we have learned, and the technology that powers it all. Now, if you are reading this when it was published, chances are that you already know us. But, for our future readers, let me tell you who we are.

What is Terrene?

We are a team of University of Waterloo alumni who started Terrene during our undergrad and have since finished or left university to work full-time. We set out with the vision of democratizing AI and making machine learning accessible to business analysts with no knowledge of computer programming or data science. These individuals face problems every day and have the domain expertise to solve them but lack the skills required to build machine learning systems. So we built a predictive analytics engine that allows nearly anyone to build and deploy a machine learning model in as little as thirty seconds.

The Founders

The founding team consists of me, Francois, and Kash. I handle finance, HR, organization, and internal operations at Terrene. I will try to share my experiences and the lessons I learn about hiring, financial success and KPIs, and building a good company culture. Francois is in charge of sales, customer retention, legal, investor relations and strategy. He will share stories about sales, investors, and setting the company up for success. Kash is in charge of all things technical. He will be sharing his experiences setting up new technologies, managing a technical team, and navigating life in a start-up.


(Founders from left to right: Kash, Cameron, Francois)

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