Terrene is simplifying and automating machine learning for business analysts. With our predictive analytics engine a business analyst can connect a data set and build a machine learning model in as little as 30 seconds.

You will be joining the team as the first full-time employee, as until now we have been proving the technology and testing the market. Our first test of the market led to a Fortune 100 company relying on and paying for our product for daily operations use. We are looking to grow with this success and we need a larger team to keep up with the market demand of the product.

Your work will be on the core technology that powers Terrene including the API, the graphical user interface, SDKs to interface with the API, and the deployment and monitoring toolchain.

Since we are small team, you are expected to work autonomously and will be given control over the projects you work on. The technology is not easy so you will face a wide variety of hard problems. Some of the specific challenges you will work on include:

  • Building visualization capabilities into Terrene and an "auto-visualization" tool that automatically composes SQL queries based on the data type and previous visualizations.

  • Implementing functionality to automatically establishing relationships between different tables in a SQL database containing data imported from different sources

  • Implementing functionality to let users import Jupyter notebooks and then composing dashboards from the code blocks inside the notebook

  • Adding support for deep probabilistic modelling to Terrene

Skills and Experience

  • Experience with Python 3: we use Python alongside Django and Django Rest Framework for Terrene's API. A good understanding of those technologies or their equivalent (i.e. Rails, Flask, Phoenix, etc.) is required.
  • Experience with developing single page applications and their respective build tools (Webpack, Babel, etc.) in VueJS or an equivalent framework (i.e. React, Angular, Backbone, Ember, etc.)
  • Being comfortable working with UNIX based operating systems

Nice to Haves:

  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Experience with pandas, numpy, tensorflow, and PyTorch

More About Terrene

Terrene is founded by 3 University of Waterloo alumni. We founded Terrene with a few key ideals. One of those ideals was that we would aim to be a small team that achieves big results. We believe with the right strategy and planning we can achieve those big results as a team while maintaining a strong work/life balance. This is also why we believe that success lies in having the best team. Part of having the best team is to make sure that each member achieves worth-while personal goals. This is why we strive towards matching personal and career goals to our development plans as much as possible.

Our method for achieving big results lies in focusing on the problem. We always strive to solve a core problem when we are building anything. This means that we don’t build tech for techs sake. We focus on solving the problem for the end users in the best possible methods. We have found great success in this already and are continuing to seek out new challenges and problems to solve.


  • Salary: $70,000 - $80,000
  • Equity: 0.1% - 1.5%


At Terrene you will get to take advantage of the office space, participate in special events, and shape the company culture. At The Tannery you will have access to:

  • A gym
  • A vibrant community with over 100 other tech startups located in downtown Kitchener
  • Curated tech events and workshops hosted weekly including community lunches and dinner
  • Semi-regular company events such as team dinners, board game cafes, VR arcades and occasional travel opportunities trips to NYC, Chicago, Montreal, etc.

We want Terrene to be a fun place to work and because our culture is still being crafted, as employee no. 1 you have the opportunity to help build the environment you work in.


To apply please send a copy of your resume to careers@terrene.co