We are excited to announce two new members that have recently joined the Terrene team!

Kate (top left):
Kate is joining us as our newest co-op hire in the marketing position. She has already shown her chops as a great editor and content producer for our blog and social media accounts. We are really happy to have Kate on the team as she will be spearheading the effort to bring more and better content to our followers and clients. If you’ve enjoyed our latest content releases, be sure to keep an eye out for more great content from Kate and the Terrene team. She has quickly showcased her clever and quick sense of humour and has been a joy to have on the team as well as a formidable opponent in our “FunEmployed” card games. She has already minted some of our favourite new company quotes and internal jokes in her short time since starting.

Noah (top right):
Noah is joining us as a Lead Software Developer and as our first full-time employee. Noah is a Full-Stack Developer with a passion for business as well. We are glad to have him on the team as he embodies the spirit of a great startup team member. He is constantly interested in learning more about how the business works and what our clients want. He quickly turns this learning, passion, and knowledge into improvements of our product. He has been a natural fit with the team, sharing interests with all of us, including travel and good scotch appreciation with Cam, advanced coding challenges and grand strategy games with Kash, and rock climbing/cycling with Francois.

Welcome to Terrene, Kate and Noah!